What are you doing in your life to create happiness?

This month’s theme is what can we learn about happiness to create a sweet life!  So I ask you, what are you currently doing in your life to create happiness?

As I continue to down this path to uncover what Dan Buettner’s has discovered as the secrets to happiness, it continues to support health and one of the main ingredients.  In the interview The Link Between Happiness, Health and Literacy, Dan Buettner states, “We’re often misguided or just plain wrong about what will bring happiness to our lives. I estimate that some 280 advertising impressions rinse over our psyches every day, encouraging us to eat food that’s not good for us and buy things we don’t need. Pop psychology techniques tell us to savor life, keep an appreciation journal, and so on. Some of these are good ideas but for most of us, they are all diets — we don’t do them enough to make a difference.

What we distilled from our research was how to actually stack your personal deck of cards in favor of happiness. Here are the aces:

  • Health

  • Home

  • Social

  • Work


He says if want to be happier you have to focus on reshaping your environment to create health. Health brings happiness, Period! You can’t have anything you really want if your health goes to hell.


There are certain elements to your home that can favor happiness in your environment.  Make sure your home has plenty of light and green plants as well. Dogs favor happiness for so many reasons, unconditional love is at the top of that list. Make your bedroom an easy and conductive place to sleep. On sleep for eight or more hours every night! You can check out one of my articles on sleep for more details on that. The best music for happiness is Mozart. And make sure that you have an outdoor environment, like a front porch (which is more social) is considered the best choice.


In this environment of social media and working from home, it might shock you that research shows you need six to seven days of face to face time with people.  This allows you to spontaneously connect with people.

Finding three to five friends that you can have meaningful conversations with is the game changer in your favor.  Finding friends with happy and positive outlooks makes a difference. Unhappiness is contagious too, so don’t hang out with unhappy people as it can affect your mood too.


Once you are making enough money to address your basic needs, money doesn’t have an impact on happiness. I’m sure that is a surprise to some – BUT it is true! So at work find a best friend at the office to increase your social time and support.

Health, home, social and work pretty much cover all of the basic areas of daily life.  For the record, Dan put health as the first category, I think because it is the most important.  If you don’t have the energy you want, you need to make a change to your health. If you feel pain weekly or daily, if you are over weight or unhappy, you have to get your health back on track.

Are you ready to reshape you happiness? It starts with your health.  Come learn how to get healthy we are happy to help you learn!

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae

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