Embracing change

June is a time of beginning and endings that mostly revolve around or children and their schooling decision.  It is a reflection of life. But it can also bring changes for adults as our children’s changes force us look at our evolving lives too.

Embracing change makes life sweeter.  Have you ever heard the term that change is the only constant in life? When we layer a busy schedule on top of life’s unavoidable changes, it can cause stress mentally, emotionally and physically.

Often, our first response to an overfilled scheduled is to tense up and get anxious.  You might become worried about not being able to handle all of the moving parts of your life.  We release stress hormones as reaction to our tension and stress. The results can be high blood pressure, weight gain, high cholesterol, ulcers, high blood sugars, you are getting the picture… Illness is a result of not managing stress.

Embracing change is easier than you think.  It requires having a step by step approach to managing your day to day life.  Most of the time, stress and overwhelm come from not having a plan. When you sit down with someone who can help you create a step by step approach, life gets so much more fun!  Come to our upcoming dinner seminar and learn how to handle change, how to improve your health and fully enjoy every day of your life!

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae

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