Is your health a measure for success?

I’ve been thinking and talking about success a lot lately.  I have been trying to figure out answers to questions like, what does success really mean for my life?  What are my personal measures for success at this point in my life?  

I am almost 50 years old and all I have ever wanted was a loving husband and family. But I have not achieved that yet.  So, does that make me a failure? 

No. What is does mean is that I have to look at the other ways I've created success in my life.

I have successfully created health.  I am a healthy and vibrant human being that has a life filled with loving and supportive people.  I look younger than my biological age. My healthy habits reduce my risk of all major diseases.  I have more energy than most people my age.  

Because I have my health, I have so many possibilities to create success in my professional and spiritual life.  

My biggest successes are helping others get healthy. I have helped thousands of people improve their health over the 17 years that I have been in practice.  I find fun ways to create health and I share all the tools I know with others. This in the way success gets duplicated over and over again. It is a way for me to mentor and coach others so they can create this same type of health in their own lives.

This is my truest measure of success.  What is your measure of success? If you include health as a measure of your success, then you need to begin making it a priority.  Come to our next presentation and learn more about how my team and I can help you get there.

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae

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