Stress might be keeping you from success.

Measuring success in health is one of the best measures.  When you achieve your health goals, it is priceless. Here is one of the greatest success stories that I’ve heard come out of our practice.

One of my practice members has been dealing with extreme stress from work for over a year. One of her health concerns was the stubborn weight that just kept creeping up and she couldn’t figure out why it was happening.

Within 2 months of leaving her stressful job, she lost 10 pounds!  As I have said so many times, stress is not just mental. It has many physical consequences!!  She is a living example of that. The constant stress that she was living under caused her body to release stress hormones that caused her to gain and maintain weight.  Once she left that position, her body stopped producing excess cortisol and her body lost weight without her trying.

This is the importance of really understanding how hormones play a huge role in weight gain.  Hormones can be more important that what you eat or how much exercise you are getting. If you are having weight loss challenges and you don’t know why, we need to start looking at your hormones as the true underlying cause of your problem.  Once we identify it, then you will get your body and life back.

Come to our next seminar and hear more about to manage your stress and lose weight!

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae

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