Relaxation Response

I think that August is the laziest month of the year.  I think that because I am a native Washingtonian and in August it is as hot as a swamp and no one feels like moving. It is the perfect time to go on vacation, which SO many people do.

As I thought about the best theme for the month, I decided on preparation.  It allows us to clear the mind and rest the body before we have to start over into our busy lives.  Sometimes the best preparation is relaxation. Sometimes the best preparation is sitting down to organize your thoughts or your time. Sometimes the best preparation is taking an action step towards your goal.  

How can we use relaxation as preparation?

Our body has two responses – the sympathetic response or ‘stress response’ and the parasympathetic or ‘relax response’.  We can only be at one or the other; we cannot be both at the same time.

When we are stressed, we move out of the relaxation response and into the stressed state. We release hormones that impacts our energy levels during the day, our ability to sleep or lose weight, our mood, food cravings and even menstrual cycle.  It makes any disease we have worse, like high blood pressure, weight gain, heart conditions, or diabetes. Worst of all, it causes our brains to be foggy or not make good decisions.  You can see how any of these combinations would have you feeling terrible.

Hormones are the root cause of so many health problems. This is how stress causes disease to worsen.  If you don’t know how stress hormones can be the cause of your health issues then you to attend our next Stress Hormones and Health presentation. It will be a life changing experience for you.

You will learn how to take stress out of your equation and get your life back.

When we are in the relaxation state, we can think more clearly and create a plan of action. Most importantly, we can set our plans in motion.  This is the gift of relaxation and preparation. It gives us our life and health back.

Seating is limited at each presentation, so make your reservation now!

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae