You'll know you're free when...

At church, our pastor Reverend Sylvia recently started a series called, “You’ll know you are free when…”.  

I felt so moved by that statement that this month’s theme will be: you’ll know you are free when you have different aspects of your health.

This is such a powerful statement.  So I ask you this, do you feel free? Truth is if you want to be free, you need your health.

You could have a million dollars but if you can’t sleep at night, you are not free.  If you can’t walk up the stairs without pain or getting winded, you are not free. If you have to go to doctor’s appointments all the time, you are not free.

The first step in becoming free is to acknowledge, without judgement, where you are and how you really feel about it.  We have to own and acknowledge our negative thoughts about ourselves.  What does this mean for our health?  

It means being really honest with yourself.  It is to admit that you have gained 30+ pounds and it is making you unhappy.  You can’t sleep and it is ruining your concentration and your productivity at work.  The pain is preventing you from playing with your grandchildren.

Once you have admitted to yourself that you are suffering, the next step is to find a plan to help you get out of your current pain. This is exactly what we do with our practice members every day.  We come up with simple strategies that will help you get your health back and get you free.  

You know when you are free when you have a simple step-by step, proven strategy that will change your life.  Check out the video testimonials of our practice members who have shared their stories and successfully created freedom in their lives.

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae