Money doesn't make you free.

When we talk about freedom, I like many others think of money as a symbol of freedom.  Have you ever thought that if you had more money you would be free from the chains that bind you?

The conversation in your mind might have gone something like…

  • If I had money… I wouldn’t be working 2 or 3 jobs. 

  • If I had money… I could pay to have someone cook healthy food for me and my family

  • If I had money… I’d pay for that personal trainer

  • If I had money… I could live in a better place

  • If I had money… I could stop worrying about money. 

These are all very common thoughts about money.  They all revolve around the idea that money solves all your problems. 

I am here to tell you that money doesn’t solve all of our problems.  I wish it did. Also, the likelihood that you will win the lottery is very low… even with prayer.

What changes our circumstances is our actions.  We have to begin with changing our mindset and our habits.  When we do this, our lives truly change and we are able to have more freedom. Sometimes, we even have more money too as a result.

I recently watched a program hosted by David Letterman called ‘My Next Guest’. He had Melinda Gates on as his guest.  If you don’t know Melinda Gates, she is the wife of Bill Gates and one of the richest people in the entire world!!  So, I think it is safe to say that she is an authority on money.  

She started the conversation with David, saying that the most important thing is having your health! It is more important than anything, over every other thing in your life.  This is why she has dedicated her life and her money to helping women in developing country find the tools they need to change their health to improve their lives.  

Now, I am aware that Melinda works with women that are in dire situations.  But who better to help you see what is really important in your life?

Take a moment to write down which health issues you need to resolve so that you can feel free.  Once you write them down, down call our office so we can talk about how to get you there. Even better, take a step and come to our FREE dinner presentation so we can start your unique action plan.

A little something else:
Here is the article that sparked thoughts about how improving our mental health improves our overall health.

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae