Cleaning up your space cleans your mind.

Take a few deep breaths and visualize a peaceful environment. It was a pleasing experience right? Now think about how you feel when you walk into your living room - your desk is a mess and full of papers, you have toys all over the floor and dirty dishes on the table.  How do you feel now?  These are both examples of two very different environments. If your home or work space makes you feel uncomfortable or sad then you are in a toxic environment for you.  I’m going to go out on a limb and say you would probably prefer the peaceful, detoxified environment.  So let’s look at how you can start to detoxify your environment to reduce your stress and increase your energy.


Day 10 Cleaning Up Your Space - Centering Exercise

Pick up one space at home or work to answer the following questions.  Be specific so you won't feel overwhelmed with this exercise


What does your workspace/bedroom/kitchen/desk look like?  Is it comfortable and happy?



If it is not comfortable, what makes it uncomfortable to you? If it is comfortable what makes it so?



 What can you do to make it more comfortable - in 15 minutes a day? Do you have pictures of your friends and family or your pet at your workspace/bedroom/kitchen/desk?


Do you have any other thoughts to share?