Wraps on the GO – Collard Greens or Lettuce Leaves


collard green wraps

We started with the covering or the wrap, it is ½ of a collard green leaf.  If you don’t have collard greens available, Bibb lettuce or red leaf lettuce are great choices because they are flexible enough to wrap around the filling. I recommend that if you are dealing with diabetes, pre-diabetes or weight loss this is the best option!


collard green wraps

Next I use hummus to cover ¼ of the collard green.  It provides protein, flavoring and way to seal the wrap.  On the rest of the leaf I add the filling.  I recommend at least 2-3 different vegetables for filling.  Some of my favorites are red cabbage, cucumbers, carrots, bell peppers, avocadoes, etc. You can add your favorite vegetables or leftovers from the night before.    Make sure you only add a few tablespoons of each vegetable because you don't want to overfill your wrap.

Finally you want to add a protein source.  You will add 3-5 pieces of your favorite type of meat, poultry or vegetarian option.  In this case I used a vegetarian option, Falafel, which is made with chickpeas.


collard green wraps

Now that you finished filling your wrap you are ready to wrap it up! 

Take the natural side and fold them towards the middle. This will help to hold in the filling on the bottom. 


collard green wrap


Once you have folded the natural side you will roll the wrap towards the hummus.  The middle of the wrap will fill really full but just keep rolling the wrap.

The final step is to close and seal the wrap.  You are done.  Your wrap is sealed and you are ready eat it or drop in your wrap into your lunch bag or for a snack.

You are done!  A couple of them are a great lunch or snack on the go! I hope you enjoyed this recipe and you can find many more if you go to my website, HealthyDaes.com.

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