SO what can you do to quiet your mind? PLAY!  Everyone wants permission to play. Spending time playing and doing something you love can clear your mind.  Have you ever been so stressed that you can’t remember something? Then later that day when you are no longer thinking about it and the memory pops back into your head? This is the power of taking time out each week to play. It gives you a new perspective and allows new solutions to appear. Playing with your friends or children or even a girls’ or boys’ night out can quiet your mind and relax your body too.  Did you know where the mind goes your body will follow?  It’s true.  If you are playing and your mind is released from stress, your body will be too.  This speeds the healing process.

Mental detoxification is one of the keys to a healthy, vibrant and joy-filled life! Take some time to play and watch it transform your life.

Detox the Mind Centering Questions

Do you have mind-racing thoughts at night?  What are the ones that keep you up at night?  

What do you worry about the most?  Is there something that you notice you worry about on a daily or weekly basis?

What is the thought that makes you feel peaceful and calm?

Have you ever tried meditation?