Looking for answers about diabetes? You have come to the right place. 

I have been successfully treating patients diagnosed with diabetes or pre-diabetes for over a decade. 

During that time, I have developed and refined a unique and extremely effective approach that focuses on explanation, education, emotional support and practical lifestyle tips. 

I work closely with patients to create a treatment plan that’s carefully crafted to work within your individual lifestyle to improve your health.  Sign up for a free consultation to find out how my protocol produce results.

Changing your behaviors can lower your blood sugars and reverse diabetes. 

Changing your behaviors can lower your blood sugars and reverse diabetes. 


Balance & Re-energize Yourself

Learning to balance your blood sugars will re-energize every aspect of your life.

Treating diabetes means more than taking medications. 

Effective treatment  involves YOU! Schedule an appointment to figure out how.

It’s about answering the question that everyone asks themselves, bur rarely says aloud:  “How in the world did this happen to me? I thought you were born diabetic!”

More importantly, effective treatment is about empowering you to make simple changes that lead you back, step by careful step,  to improved health and that incomparable feeling that you’re ready to take on the world again!

Freedom from Fear & Frustration

My comprehensive plan tackles the fear and frustration of diabetes head on.

I pride myself on working closely with you to  create individualized, easy to follow, detailed plans that deliver results – lower blood sugars!

When you follow the steps and complete your plan, you have the tools you need you to maintain your health, manage your diabetes and live an energetic life.

Dr Dae's Diabetes 101 Starts Now!

My approach starts with your lifestyle, and provides you with proven tools to make small but significant changes and remain motivated as you reach normal blood sugars - reversing diabetes. 

This targeted program has proven effective in reducing blood sugars in 4 weeks or less. 

By focusing on eating real food in a balanced way, you learn to stabilize blood sugars and lose weight at the same time.

The key to this program, and why it works so well, is that it addresses the barriers people face treating diabetes: emotional overwhelm, dietary choices, and understanding how and when to take medications.

With a combination of personal consults and the right tools, you can avoid the pitfalls that trip up people when they try to adjust balancing blood sugars.


Start Reversing Diabetes Today!
Diabetes 101 Program

The plan includes:

    --    Four 45 minute consults with Dr. Dae about treatment
    --    Daelicious! Recipes for Vibrant Living with over 60 recipes designed to balance blood sugars
    --    BONUS - ebook Desserts for Diabetes
    --    Educational video on how to manage diabetes
    --    Blood sugar supplements that are safe with common diabetic medications

Click here to sign up for Dr. Dae's Diabetes 101 package and start reversing your diabetes today!