Want to learn how to manage your diabetes or pre-diabetes using lifestyle modifications?

Dr. Dae's online course is designed to give you simple step by step plans that will improve your blood sugars in weeks.  Sign-up to get information about her course.

Support yourself or a loved one through the challenge of learning how to manage diabetes and get your life back starting today with this course!

"I have learned more about my diabetes in one hour with you (Dr. Dae) than in the twenty-two years of having the disease.”
- 30 year old women living with diabetes for 22 years

What are the benefits of Dr. Dae's Diabetes Tips?

This free online course brings Dr. Dae’s teaching to her patients about how to manage diabetes through simple lifestyle changes to you. Dr. Dae uses plain everyday language to explain diabetes medical terms so that you understand what is happening in your body. She also explains how you can use your lifestyle habits to improve your blood sugars and get your numbers back to normal.

Short videos and handouts show you how to create new habits that are simple and fun to implement. You will start making changes without leaving your home. Once you realize how empowered you are to improve your health you will never want to go back to previous habits. Yes, you can get your better results even if you are doing well now!

Your bonus? You’ll have learned healthy and sustainable skills for life!

This Course is for you if…

  • Newly diagnosed with pre-diabetes or diabetes and you want to make changes
  • If you are tired of being tired and you new ideas to balance your blood sugars
  • You want to help a loved one learn how to manage the disease
  • You have a family history of diabetes and you want to prevent it from becoming your history
  • Your blood sugars are not moving the direction you want
  • The food, exercise, and stress management modifications that you have tried are not working

Are you worried about how you will regain your health since your diabetes or pre-diabetes diagnosis?

Common emotions you might feel after your diagnosis are panic, denial, confusion, frustration, anger and fear. These emotions are all born out of a lack of control over your health situation. You want to know how to start improving your control over your blood sugars.

Every doctor will recommend that you use lifestyle habits along with your medications to manage your blood sugars but do they give you specific instructions on how to make those changes.

Dr. Dae created this introductory course to give you the first steps to taking control over your health with simple daily habits to help manage your blood sugars.

Knowledge of what to do is a tool you’ll have acquired for the rest of your life.

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