Yes! You Really Can Reverse Diabetes!

Diet and lifestyle, for most people diagnosed with Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes, caused the illness, and diet and lifestyle can reverse the condition.
I don’t mean grim, bland food.
I don’t mean a deadly dull routine
I don’t mean starving yourself and never feeling full
By learning simple, consistent behaviors, you can control your blood sugar while living and ENJOYING your life again! 

Gain Energy. Lose Weight.

You will feel more energized and look and feel comfortable in your clothes when you learn how your metabolism controls your energy level and your weight.

Stop carrying extra weight and start feeling the benefits of  increased vitality, restful sleep and greater self- esteem.
Together, we will craft an individualized plan just for you.

Stop the Cycle of “Tired, Wired, Sweaty or Depressed”

Do you experience any of one of those symptoms?  If so, there may be a hormone imbalance.
I can show you how to restore balance in your life by understanding the role played by hormones. When your hormones are not balanced correctly, they can cause sleeping problems, menopausal symptoms, complete exhaustion, weight gain.. among other symptoms.  There are natural steps you can take to regain -- and sustain -- this vital balance.


Nutrition: The Great Secret of Preventive Care

Sometimes the best approaches are the simplest. Nowhere is this more true than in healthy eating and lifestyle.

People are surprised when I tell them that learning how to eat the foods they love in a healthy way is the most effective and delicious way to achieving good health.

Are you curious about how to establish a solid nutritional routine? Do you want expert guidance to understand the many news reports about “what’s good for you/bad for you”?  I can help you set up a routine!