Did you know that the Standard American Diet (SAD) is a contributing factor in over 50% of the chronic diseases that people struggle with daily?

The SAD is loosely defined as a diet high in red meats, processed carbohydrates and junk
food. Eating poorly robs your body of energy, vitality, and diminishes overall health.
Since are what we eat, what we consume daily is the most important medicine
to influence our health.
This book includes:

  • How to make eating nutritious whole foods fun and flavorful
  • Shop for whole foods and fill your pantry without breaking the bank
  • Sample menus & recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Create quick, balanced plant-based meals that taste great
  • Increase plant-based options to reduce disease and improve your overall health

Research points to one simple solution, eating more plants improves health conditions like:

  • heart disease
  • diabetes and pre-diabetes
  • high cholesterol
  • high blood pressures
  • cancer prevention
  • and so many more.....

Important notes on Eat More Plants by Dr. Daemon Jones Think you can't afford a whole foods eating plan to live your most vibrant life? Let Dr. Daemon Jones' Eat More Plants explain why you can't afford not to!
In Health!

Dr. Jones’ Eat More Plants! will forever shift the way you view health and nutrition.
Hers is the essential guide to an uncomplicated, encouraging path to veganism.

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Testimonials about the EAT MORE PLANTS

"Read it, practice it, and prepare to thrive."
Michael Bernard Beckwith
author of Life Visioning
"As an editor, my job is to read all sorts of written materials whether I’m interested in them or not.  My experience with Dr. Dae’s Eat More Plants was certainly not the norm. I was immediately engaged and educated.  Prior to reading this book, I believed I was following a pretty healthy diet to maintain my health, but the concept of viewing food as medicine to heal the body completely captivated me.  I found myself sharing the insights I gained with friends and family. Each recipe contains an anecdote that explains the healing properties of the ingredients, which gives you the option to choose the recipe based on its health benefits.  Before I was finished editing the book, my thoughts about food had radically changed. As a family, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed cooking our way through the book’s simple, tasty, and satisfying recipes.  It’s so cleverly written that your focus remains on what you stand to gain by eating a plant-based diet, not so on much on the foods you’re giving up. Thank you Dr. Dae for teaching us how to sustain the health of our bodies in the most delicious way!

Tiffany Snyder, Copy Editor, The Polished Edit

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