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Are you getting your -13 serving of the fruits and vegetables every day?  If you are like most Americans you have some room for improvement.  So why not give yourself a fun challenge to increase your servings and improve your health at the same time!

EAT MORE PLANTS: Where Science, Flavor, and Health meet Deliciousness!


That was good as well. I have not made anything from Dr. Dae's book that I have not liked. So good! My favorite cookbook right now!
-Stefani Wylie
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During this 7-day challenge, I will invite you to eat more plants in your daily diet!  I will ask you to pledge how many meals you are willing to include plant-based foods.  For those of you really ready for a cleanse I invited you to eat a totally vegetarian diet for 7 days.

I will supply you with a 7-day meal plan before you start and give you a sneak peek of recipes from my book to keep you motivated with healthy delicious and quick meals!  I will feature a smoothie recipe and a fresh juice recipe every day on email to give you ideas to make it fun too.

Do you want to know the best part?

It's totally FREE! 

So join me in my EAT MORE PLANTS 7-Day Challenge and receive

  • 7-day meal plan for the challenge including recipes from Dr. Dae's latest book
  • Daily encouraging emails during the challenge
  • Improve your energy in 7 days
  • Meet other like-minded individuals who are part of the health community
  • Ability to share your successes or obstacles with others in the group


Here are some testimonials from past challenges!

I joined Dr. Dae’s Eat More Plants 7 day challenge and here is what I learned.  I am completely satiated, and happy to announce that as of this morning (day 3), I've lost a few pounds. I may truly become a vegetarian as a result of Eat More Plants!
- Natalie Bullock Brown

Yesterday I cooked for my 92 yr old mothers who couldn't believe string beans can taste great without pork.
- John Galvan

Sweet potato curry with quinoa. Yummmmmm! ‪#‎eatmorefruitsandveggies
- Stacey Fletcher

As my 6 year-old eats dinner and commenting on how good the yellow lentils are he says: "of course this is a Dr. Dae recipe. Her recipes are always good - and healthy!"
- Jennifer Benn

You have soooooo been on my mind! I wanted to thank you for how you pulled me out of a dark place and put me on a better path toward wellness! While I am still on the journey and sometimes stray form the path, my health is all the better for the foundation you laid me for me!  You made a huge difference in my life! And I want to thank you for that!!
Vanessa Etasha Figgers

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