Finding balance is important to your health and stress management.

Just like there is a proper balance for your plate, there is a balance for your life too.  When you have balance you reduce stress and your susceptibility to getting sick.  Your mind is clearer and you make better decisions about everything.

Emotionally when we are in balance we are loving, fun and open to life experiences.  When we are out-of balance we feel anxious, upset and irritable. 

Finding balance is a practice that we have to do every day.  Some days we are better at it than other days.  So do your best and know every day you have another opportunity to find balance in your life.  The more we practice the better we become.

Today's centering exercise will focus on finding balance within ourselves. Click on the link below to do the centering exercise for today.  Then answer the questions below.


Day 5 Finding Balance


What activities do you do that make you feel calm, relaxed and balanced?


How often do you do these activities?


How can you incorporate one activity in your daily or weekly schedule that make you feel more balanced?


Any others thoughts to share?