Centering Thought - Creating Focus


Have you ever been so focused on something that you wanted that no obstacle that could keep you from it?

Think about a child who wants to go play in the park.  They will ask every 5 minutes until it is time to go.  They are focused on their goal and they will not let anything deter them.  SMART goals allow you to have that same type of focus.  When you take a few minutes to clear your mind before you set your goals it is easier to make your goals.

Let's take a few minutes to just clear our minds so we can set our health goals going forward.

Centering Questions - Finding Focus

What are your SMART goals once you finish this program?  Here is a reminder of what SMART stands for

Specific - Each goal should be specific or well defined. Vague goals do not give you a specific focus.
Measureable -  Measurable times, dates and amounts should be associated with each goal.
Attainable - Make sure it is possible to achieve the goal. At the same time, each goal should not be too easy. Your goals should be a stretch, but still possible.
Realistic/Relevant - Each goal should be relevant to where you want to go. It should have direct impact to move you towards your goal.
Timely - Each goal should have an end time associated with it, a time when you plan to have accomplished what you set out to do.