I think about detoxification kind of like the process of weeding a garden.  Weeds in the garden are similar to toxins in our body. Weeds are a normal part of the growing cycle.  Detoxification is a normal part of getting rid of waste in our bodies.  Weeds can be harmless but if we do not take care to remove them they can over take our flowers bed or our gardens.  So we have to be diligent about getting rid weeds or toxins before they get out of control.  In our lives our poor eating habits, lack of quality sleep, our over stimulation from all our electronic devices, our constant stress from work and family, lack of exercise and rise in chronic illness are the weeds that show up in our lives.

Today lets focus on getting rid of the weeds from our garden and our lives.

How do we get manage all or the toxins that our life presents us with? We have to start to detoxify our lives by looking at our lifestyles and behaviors.  We need to evaluate what we are eating, how we are exercising, what we are thinking, how we manage our stress, how much sleep we are getting, and how are we taking care of our overall health.  

Day 6 - Getting Rid of the Weeds in our Lives Centering Questions


What are the behaviors that you consider weeds in your life?



Imagine how you will feel once the weeds have been removed from your life?



What is one activity that you can do to remove the weeds from your life?



Any other thoughts you want to ponder?