Going with the flow means focusing on what you want and drawing it into your life.

Have you ever had a day that went perfectly?  Have you ever thought about someone and then they called?  These are the moments you are living in the flow of your life.  You can have those moments every day.

How?  You have to focus on the things that are working in your life.  You have to detoxify your thoughts of negative thoughts.  Let’s start with the damage of negative thoughts. The average number of thoughts per day is about 60,000 and approximately 80% of those are negative.  Isn’t it scary that most of our thoughts are negative?  Part of the reason for negative thoughts is protection against bad things from happening to us.

What is the detoxifying solution? It is to begin to slow down or still our negative thoughts.  How do you start? By taking one minute sitting in a comfortable position and just breathing deeply. As you concentrate on your breath you will slow down your thoughts.  After you master one minute then advance to 2 or 5 minutes.  This reduces the worry and anxiety but, more importantly, the stress reactions that deplete you of energy.  It is the first step of mental detoxification.


Day 9 Go with the Flow - Centering Questions



How did you feel after sitting and breathing for a couple of minutes? Did you muscle relax?  Are you calmer?



Isn't it interesting that you don't have to stop thinking just having less thoughts can be relaxing too?



Can you use this process at work, in the car, at home?




Any other thoughts to ponder?