Change is the only constant in life.  Change is one of the most stressful events for most people to handle.

 What are my secrets to handling change?

Setting priorities and learning to live a more simplistic life.  
I commit to sit and breathe every day.
I eat the best food I can afford.
I sleep when I am tired.
I have a sense of gratitude for everything I have.

I find reasons to smile in every day. I get excited when I find a parking space or when someone holds the door for me or I get a check for five dollars.  This might seem like really small reasons to break into a smile, but somehow smiling when I walk into work makes my job easier. I find a reason to smile or laugh everyday.

Walking in to change equipped with these tools allows me to handle change with grace and ease.

Day 13 Handling Change Centering Questions


How has your life changed in the last 12 months?



What changes were you ready for? 



What changes didn't you expect?  How did you handle them?  How could you be better prepared in the future?



Any other thoughts to ponder?