Igniting your passion gives your life energy and excitment.

Think about one thing you are passionate about.  How do you feel when you are watching or doing that thing?  Fantastic Yes?  When we have passion for something we can do it for hours without noticing the time.  Passion helps us stay energized and excited about life.  It keeps us young and creative. 

Today's centering exercise will help remind us of our passions. Click on the link below to start the audio for Igniting Your Passion.  Then once you have finished your breathing exercise then answer the questions below.



Day 7 - Igniting Your Passion - Centering Questions


What are you passionate about?



When is the last time you felt passionate about something?



What is a simple activity that brings you passion?  Reading, walking in nature, playing a game with your friends? Think about one activity that you can put into your calendar in the next 7 days and do it.  Then come back to this question and write how you felt about it.


Any other thoughts to share?