Dr. Dae's Keys to Your One Sweet Life

When I was a little child I had a chance to learn about the seeds of healthy living with me.  Healthy living comes from creating nourishment, connections and presence in our daily life.  When we take time to slow down and simplify our lives we gain health mentally, emotionally and physically.

Nourishment, connection, and presence is what we must take into our every day life.

1. Eat Whole Foods


Many people do not understand what whole foods.  Whole foods are foods that are prepared close to their nature state.  For example an apple is a whole food an Oreo is not.  Chicken breast is a whole chicken nuggets are not. 

Examples of Whole Foods are Fruits, Vegetables, Whole Grains, Fish, Poultry Red Meat (Lamb, Buffalo, Cow), Dairy Products (Milk, Cheese, Yogurt) Nuts and Seeds, Legumes and Beans.  It is important that a majority of your diet focus on eating these types of foods every day.  To learn more about what are whole foods read http://www.healthydaes.com/blog/09262013/what-is-a-whole-foods-diet

2. Drink Water - Hydrate

Did you know that our bodies are made up of over 70% water so it is an essential component for our healthy bodies.  People can experience high blood pressure by being slightly dehydrated.  As you eliminate toxins that damage our cells water is part of that chemical process if you don’t drink enough water then you cells can experience damage. 

My recommendation is to increase the amount of water you drink by 8 oz per month until you are drinking ½ your body weight in oz. An example of calculating the correct amount of water is if someone is 150 pounds then they need to drink 75 oz every day. Here is a video to help you figure out how much water to drink.  http://www.healthydaes.com/blog/2012/09/26/how-much-water-is-enough-water

3. Get Sleep

While you are sleeping your body is restoring, rejuvenating and repairing itself.   Your body is always repairing itself so you will not develop symptoms and diseases.  Inadequate sleep can cause problems like female issues, high blood pressure, pre-diabetes, and many mood disorders like anxiety and depression.  To learn more about underlying causes of sleep read http://www.healthydaes.com/blog/2012/10/01/finding-the-underlying-causes-of-sleep-disturbances

It is essential for you to create bedtime rituals.  These are behaviors you do every night before you go to sleep so your body can relax and be prepared for sleep. 

Turn off all of your electronic equipment 1 hour before you go to bed (cell phones, computers, TV).  The light from the electronic equipment suppresses melatonin which is required for deep sleep.

4. Connect with A Loving Community


Health is a combination of your physical, emotional and spiritual health.   When you belong to a loving supportive community it has a great impact on your health.  It eliminates the emotional toxicity.  It creates a safe place to ask for advice and help with life’s challenges as they arise.  In times of physical illness it can be the support to lift you up and help you get through the difficult times.

5. Connect with your Body

Medical Studies have shown that getting your body moving is beneficial for the mind and the body. Exercise helps to eliminate toxins from the body and it helps eliminate constipation problems. It reduces the incidence of chronic illness and obesity. Moving your body improves mood and is a wonderful treatment for anxiety and depression. Exercise improves blood flow to the brain and improves memory. 

I recommend doing anything that gets your body moving.  Examples can be dancing, swimming, taking walks, yoga, bowling, basketball, or rollerblading.

Connecting with your body to improve your energy level. http://www.healthydaes.com/dr-daemon-jones-2/2012/09/05/using-exercise-to-improve-your-energy-level

If you are feeling a little “off” listen to that inner voice it telling you to pay attention.  This voice is usually giving you information about your health before it shows up in your lab work or as a diagnosed disease.  Your inner voice may be telling you that you overextended with the number activities you are involved in and take a step back and make some decisions to create a balanced life.

6. Connect with Nature


Richard Louv, is the author of the bestsellers Last Child in the Woods (2005) and The Nature Principle (2011),  created a term called nature-deficit disorder.  It describes the loss of connection that people feel with nature.  A body of research is amassing on nature being an antidote to depression, ADD, physical health, child obesity, and the epidemic of inactivity.

7. Be Mindful

People can be stressed about finances, family problems, health issues, emotional issues, work problems or caregiving.  It is hard to diagnose how much stress impacts our daily life.  It can cause high blood pressure, anxiety, sleep problems, chest pains.  Managing your stress has to be a planned part of your week.  

One of the greatest trends in stress reduction, in my opinion, is the growing awareness of mindfulness. Mindfulness is the process of living in the moment without judgment. It is the awareness of our thoughts, feelings, body awareness and surroundings in the moment.

Mindfulness is a combination of meditation and paying attention to your thoughts. It is the exact opposite of multi-tasking.  Mindful can improve your physical health learn more http://www.healthydaes.com/blog/2015/7/14/how-mindfulness-can-affect-your-physical-health

8. Be of Service

When you practice an act of kindness it releases endorphins, happy hormones, in your body.  The person that receives your act of kindness also releases endorphins.  Here is the amazing thing, anyone that witnesses the act of kindness will also release endorphins.  So be of service in everything you do.  Be of service in small ways.

9. Be Grateful

The definition of thankfulness, gratefulness, or appreciation is a feeling or attitude in acknowledgment of a benefit that one has received or will receive. 

Gratitude can be for big events or awards.  Gratitude can be for small things like a child's smile or a beautiful day. Gratitude can be for things unseen like your breath.  Gratitude reminds you of all the goodness in your life.  Finding gratitude reduces stress and brings you into balance.  Take the 3o day challenge to improve your health and attitude. http://bit.ly/30DaysGratitudeDrDae

As you find ways to create more of these healthy habits you will see your life transform.

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae