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How can we decrease or stress?  We first have to become aware that we are feeling stressed.  Then we have to set up habits to help us release stress.  There are so many ways to release stress  examples could mean finding ways to laugh, walk in nature, exercise, spend time with people we love, or taking a relaxing bath

One of the quickest and easiest ways to relieve stress is to just take some deep breaths!  This is exactly what we are going to do for the next few minutes - take some deep breaths.  The beauty of this stress management technique is that you can do it anywhere at anytime. 


Today's centering exercise we focus on relieving stress by just taking deep breaths.

Day 2 Managing Stress - Centering Questions

What causes you stress?



What do you do relieve stress on a daily or weekly basis?



Name one thing that you can do today that will help you relieve stress?



Any other thoughts to ponder?