Today I want to teach you that body knows how to detoxify naturally to keep you healthy and vibrant.  It is when we start to get out of balance that we start creating an overload of toxicity in our lives.  If we listen and look for the ques that our body is sending to us.  We can restore health and energy back into our lives. And isn’t that what we ultimately want?

There are 4 areas of detoxification that I focus on in our lives: Environmental, Physical, Mental, and Relational.   As we become aware of how our body responds to that toxic stuff and how to choose different choices so that we have healthy choices in front of us so that our body naturally and easily expel waste from our body.  We create more health in our lives.

Day 3 - Ridding Ourselves of Toxins Centering Exercise


What is something that you are ready to release from your life?


How will your life change once you have released this thing/person from your life?


Are their any other thoughts that you want to share?