Here are some of what Dr. Dae’s patients are saying about how she helped them create health in their lives!

Diabetes Reversal and Prevention

I have learned more about my diabetes in one hour with you (Dr. Dae) than in the twenty-two years of having the disease.”  

- 30 year old women living with diabetes for 22 years

"Dr. Dae was the first doctor to take the time to explain what was happening to my body. I am happy with...her step-by-step approach"

“When I came into Dr. Dae's office I was suffering from borderline Type II diabetes and my total cholesterol was 357. I came in for three reasons:

  1. I wanted to find a way to get off my blood pressure medication I was frustrated with the lack of attention and service my previous doctors had given me, including not giving me any advice for how to correct my borderline diabetes.
  2. My work requires me to do manual labor with my hands over my head for long periods of time, which was causing me excruciating pain from my shoulders down to my hands.
  3. At night I had to sleep on the recliner so that my hands could hang down. If I tried to sleep in a horizontal position, the pain would wake me up.

Dr. Dae was the first doctor to take the time to explain what was happening to my body. Under Dr. Dae care, in four weeks, the pain in my shoulders and hands was gone. I could do my job pain free and I was able to sleep in the bed again. In less then three months my total cholesterol was 175 - half of what it was. I have been able to reduce the amount of the blood pressure medication by half. And, Dr. Dae and I have started to focus on lowering my blood sugar levels so that they are no longer in the "borderline" status.

I have made tremendous strides with Dr. Dae. I am happy with the progress and her step-by-step approach.”

62 year old male with high cholesterol and Diabetes - B. Velsor

"Your methodology focused on me finding my voice and power health-wise"

Our sessions have been thoroughly helpful over the last year.  Overall, our time together has helped me learn Western medicine alternative as well as more natural ways to deal with issues (especially during the time of my facial pain).  You also helped me structure a wellness plan and transition into the plan becoming routine without me beating myself up for all the "failures" I had before.  Over the year I've learned how to be gentle with myself and how to listen to my body.  You truly helped me through that process.  I also loved how you let me figure things out!  Your methodology focused on me finding my voice and power health-wise.  It is something we all know but seem to push out of our minds over time. 

34 year old with facial pain, overweight and pre-diabetic


Hormonal Imbalance - Success Stories

"She takes into account my goals for my heath and then crafts a nutritional road those goals."

"Dr. Dae has been very helpful in crafting a personalized nutritional plan for me that enabled me to reach my specific health goals. She takes into account my goals for my heath and then crafts a nutritional road map that I can follow to meet those goals. She speaks from a wealth of knowledge and experience and does not just tell you what to eat but why this is important and how this will impact your health. Any questions that I had she was able to either answer them or she would take the time to research and find the answer for me. I would highly recommend using Dr. Dae's services because she understands the relationship between the food we eat and the affect that it has on our health."
- 25 year old with Endometriosis

"I was happy to find a healthy way to avoid the surgery"

I came to Dr. Dae because I was looking for a non-surgical approach to treating cervical dysplasia - abnormal, precancerous cells on the cervix of my uterus. After getting

abnormal test results from a PAP smear and a colposcopy, my gynecologist recommended an LEEP, or loop electrosurgical excision procedure. I was uncomfortable with the idea of the procedure and sought out Dr. Dae for a creative and safe alternative.

Dr. Dae developed a treatment plan but told me that, if there was no improvement in 9-12 months, she wanted me to consent to the LEEP. I started Dr. Dae's protocol, which consisted of supplements and dietary and lifestyle changes. Three months later I had an improvement in my PAP and, after six months, my gynecologist gave me a clean bill of health. I was happy to find a healthy way to avoid the surgery, but appreciated Dr. Dae's honesty about the possible need for it.”

36 year old woman with cervical dysplasia --- a precursor to cervical cancer- K. Schafer

Weight Loss - Success Stories

“Not only did I lose 37 pounds in 6 months...I was eating what I wanted and loving it.”

“The plan that Dr. Dae put me on was easy to follow and it keeps the weight off. Not only did I lose 37 pounds in 6 months, except for the 10 days I was on a detoxification program, I was eating what I wanted and loving it. Rather than going on a diet, I was making those seemingly out of reach permanent lifestyle changes. My biweekly consultations with Dr. Dae was the difference maker that kept me on track as I changed enough bad habits that kept me from reaching my goal of 200 pounds over the last 30 years. For more than a month I've been eating and drinking what I desire and my weight is staying below 200, even after celebratory calorie heavy dinners. They are treats rather than falling off the wagon. Dr. Dae program helped lower my weight and more importantly my blood pressure from 125/95 to 110/80. Checking in with her made me accountable for a better exercise routine and now it is second nature to me.”

- 62 year old male with high blood pressure

"After 6 months of working with Dr. Jones, I have lost 60 pounds, no longer have migraines and feel great!"

My chiropractor recommended I see Dr. Dae because I was carrying extra weight that was making pain in my back and knees worse. I had been overweight for 10 years and didn't feel good about the way I looked. In addition to a bad back and knees, I had high blood pressure and regular, debilitating migraine headaches.

After 6 months of working with Dr. Dae, I have lost 60 pounds, no longer have migraines and feel great!

Dr. Jones put me on a program that included an elimination diet to clean out my system and basic exercise. My progress was closely monitored initially with regular visits to Dr. Dae . Through the program, Dr. Dae was able to identify foods that I should avoid to keep my headaches from worsening. I am now walking up to an hour several times a week, due to reduced back and knee pain, and developing my own recipes to eat healthy following Dr. Dae's plan.”

48 year old obese woman with migraines -  L. Lawrence