Testimonial: C. Battle

“I have been working with Dr. Dae and her team since April. She came into my workplace and did a session on some of the health challenges that women experience. So, my ears perked up. She spoke about hot flashes and how we have hormonal changes. And those were some of the issues I was facing. That, coupled with the fact that I had some weight gain for a period of time, I thought it was a good time to come in and talk to her.

I saw my general practitioner and they wanted to prescribe something to balance my hormones, but I wasn't interested. I wanted to try something more natural. And then Dr. Dae just came into my life and walked me through what I could do and helped me understand what the triggers were for my hot flashes. That's been really helpful. I think what was so powerful when I joined the team was the educational component. Dr. Dae was able to take some of the complex subjects and break them down into little bite size pieces, so that I understood how my body was reacting to different foods I ate or things that I was doing. And that was key for me. The other thing I really appreciated was the individual attention. Dr. Dae met me where I was. Sometimes, programs are ‘one size fit all’. Here's your schedule, here's what you need to do. And it wasn't like that. It was really geared towards ‘what are your goals’and ‘let's figure out what kinds of things/foods your body reacts to’. She really listened to what was going with me, and then shifted depending on what I needed in order to be successful. Also, the staff is amazing. I have been surprised at just the level of attention. There's no question that I can't ask that won't be answered.

Since working with Dr. Dae, I have more energy and more clarity. I'm sleeping well through the night and I have seen a decrease in the severity and frequency of my hot flashes. So, I'm very pleased with the improvements.

All in all, you can't put a price tag on your health and feeling good. So, if you're considering making an investment in something like this, I would say do it. So often are we making investments in other things and we don't take the time to invest in our health. For me, I didn't want to have to rely on medications or rely on a doctor telling me what I can and cannot do with respect to some kind of diagnosis. I've been very pleased with where I am and the progress that I'm making.”


Testimonial: L. Hudson

“When I began working with Dr. Dae, I was experiencing high blood pressure and was pre-diabetic. I found that Dr. Dae and her team were very professional and focused on my issues, and had several lifestyle change recommendations to offer.

Now, my diet has changed. I eat differently and am eating foods that will help me to have better health and be an overall healthier person. I've enjoyed being more disciplined and focused on the healthy foods that I now consume, and to be very methodic about what I put in my system.

I've been trying to lose weight for a long time, over five years. Because of Dr. Dae’s program, I've lost 12 pounds in one month. I've been trying to lose 20 pounds in 20 years and I never could achieve it! But now I can see I'll probably be able to achieve that goal in as little as two months.

I would recommend my friends and family to be a part of this program because I know first hand that it works. I feel healthier, more energetic and my outlook on life is much better because I know I can live a long, healthy life. Dr. Dae and her team are very serious about helping each individual accomplish their health goals. I highly recommend them and you can be assured that, if you follow the program the way they taught me, you will have the same great outcome or even better. They really teach you how to be disciplined about your food and your overall health, so I highly recommend this team.”


Testimonial: V. Lee

“I was fatigued a lot. I didn’t have much energy and was having trouble staying asleep. I ended up seeing a primary care physician, where I found a few things out that may have been causing my symptoms. I ended up doing lab work and found out that I was pre-diabetic, had high cholesterol and was slightly anemic. I just thought I was getting older and needed to sleep and slow down a bit more. But that wasn’t the case. I was told, "You need to lose weight. You need to work out. You need to eat a diabetic diet." Then I was sent on my way. I didn't know what it all meant. So, I started researching. I tried a bunch of stuff, including a diabetic diet. I was in this battle of ups and downs with my weight. Every three months I was going back to my primary care provider and my cholesterol would be down but then my glucose levels would be higher. Then I'd go back three months later and it would be reversed. The cholesterol would go up and the glucose would go down. After trying what I thought were good changes for me, nothing was truly working.

Then, in the email newsletters I get from Dr. Dae, I saw something about stress hormones. That made me go, "Aha. Let me check this out”. That's when I started working with Dr. Dae. I went to the free Stress Hormones and Health presentation, everything she said spoke to me and I decided to jump in and see what changes Dr. Dae could help me with. I was so enlightened by her program. I have learned so much about my body specifically and have received a lot of education from working with Dr. Dae. I think that is huge for me. in addition, I’ve started walking a lot and doing meal planning.

I knew that if I wanted to live a long life, I needed to take better care of myself. I was thinking, "Gosh, I'm the only self that I have. There's only one me." If I don't take care of that one me, then there's not a me left. So, if someone is thinking about making the investment in themselves, I would say do it! You at the very minimum will get education, one on one treatment and support. Dr. Dae is very personable and caring.”


Testimonial: K. Fields

“I was struggling with consistent weight gain and having trouble losing weight. I always tried fad diets, like the cabbage soup diet or eat only grapefruit for a week. Silly things that you know are not going to work but you try them anyway because you're at the end of your rope and don't know any better. And of course they didn't work! As for my skin issues, I would try all the lotions and potions and, of course, they didn't work either. I needed to find a new way to get my health in check.

I’ve now been working with Dr. Dae for about three months. I’ve been clean eating. Eating whole foods, eating real foods and not processed, packaged foods. At first, it was kind of tough, but once you get into the swing of it, you start to feel better and you begin to see results, so it makes you want to continue.

Sleep was also one of the things that I wanted to work on, so now I’m sleeping better. I sleep for a longer period of time and don't wake up in the middle of the night. I've seen inches in my clothing, they’re all just looser. I've lost more than a couple pounds. My skin has gotten a lot better, with a lot less breakouts.

But overall, I have to say the best thing is the education that you gain. You come in and receive guidance from Dr. Dae and the nutritionist and they teach you about your body through an in-depth health assessment before starting the program. You can see what is actually going on with your body down at a cellular level. It has been really neat to learn about how food can help to change or reverse whatever issues you have going on with your body.”


Testimonial: T. Gilchrist

“I’ve been working with Dr. Dae in two phases. Back about 10 years ago she helped me with something, so when I had something else to pop up within the last year, I ran back.  Ten years ago, they had diagnosed me with multiple sclerosis, and I just wasn't ready to deal with that. I wasn't believing it. So Dr. Dae did blood work and found out that I had too much lead in my blood, and we worked on that. And that was the end of it… I don't have multiple sclerosis.

Then recently, it was arthritis in my knee. My other doctor was talking about giving me shots and a knee replacement surgery, and I just wasn't feeling that. So I ran back to Dr. Dae.

Now I'm dancing!  My arthritis is not... it did not run my life. I'm running my life. And that's the goal.

The best thing about working with Dr. Dae is not having the pain. And I know that it's a healthy choice for my body.  I feel better, because I'm eating better. I recommend this program because one, it works. Two, from a theological perspective, I see things as God gives us a time that we're created, and God gives us a time when it's time to go home. And what's in between is our time to take care of that vessel. And so that's why I'm motivated, because I have to do my part. Faith without works is dead, and this time in between is my faith, and working.

Yes. I want to encourage, and there's always a way, when we have to things to deal with. Whether it's physically, mentally, it's always a way out. And working with Dr. Day is one of my ways. I think she is a God-sent woman.”


Testimonial: C. Jackson

“Before joining Dr. Dae’s practice, I had diabetes and hypertension. I just felt like I needed to take my own health into my hands. And I wanted to come off my diabetic medicine. The only thing a doctor's ever done is write a prescription for me Then, I met Dr. Dae. And now, about two to three weeks ago, I stopped taking Metformin because my blood sugar levels were stabilizing!

I trust Doctor Dae. She's very knowledgeable, and that makes me feel comfortable in terms of having someone to guide me, so that I can reach my goals. The best thing about the program is that I've seen results. I'm seeing results already in my body, early in the program. I'm seeing results in how I feel. I know that there's more work for me to do but I see it happening already. And with the support of Dr. Dae and the staff, I'm able to really stay on track.

What I like about Dr. Dae is she meets you where you are. There's no judgment. Whatever the issue is with your body, whatever you're trying for, or whatever goal you're trying to reach, she can help you reach it.  The whole program supports you in that journey.

I’ve gained so much knowledge from working her program. One of the things I really liked were the detailed labs.  You don't know what you don't know! Having those detailed labs allowed me to see what was lacking in my body, and what I had too much of in my body.  Dr. Dae was able to design a program specifically around my body's needs. So I really, really like that. I was never able to do it on my own. Since joining the program. I've lost 13 pounds, and many inches!

If you care about your health and you want to be happy, your health is what's going to keep you here and what's going to  make you happy. So, find a way to participate in this program. You learn so much from it. And what you learn stays with you, it will follow you for the rest of your life. So, you wanna have a happy life? Join the program.”


Testimonial: S. Overholser

“I came to Dr. Dae’s practice because I wasn't eating well, my energy level was low, and I just wanted to eat healthier. I wanted to know what a healthy plate looks like and  I wanted to stick to it. One of the first things Dr. Dae asked me to do was to track, for three days, what I ate and was really an eye opener. Now, after eating healthier, my clothes fit better and when I look in the mirror, my body looks better, so that is a very positive and I hope to continue with that.

I was also always taking naps, maybe three times a week, sometimes two hours a day, because I just felt tired. Now I'm not doing that anymore. I rarely take a nap. I must say I can't remember the last time I did, and it helps me get more done during the day.

Dr. Dae’s program has really helped me tremendously to actually think about what I'm eating all the time, at every meal and changing my eating habits.  I enjoy coming into the classes and sitting and taking notes, rather than doing them online. I just feel like I get more out of it.

When I have my one-on-one meetings with Dr. Dae, she's very interested in me and my health and what I've been doing. When you're with her, she's one hundred percent with you. She's very interested, she sits up straight, she looks straight in your eyes and asks you important questions. She's just great and I'm really glad I am a participant in her practice.”


Testimonial: S. Walker

“I was extremely overweight and having asthma and high blood pressure issues. I wanted to see if losing weight would help address those things.  I’d tried LA Fitness and Weight Watchers, even worked with a personal trainer. I've done several things. Finally, after joining Dr. Dae’s program, I’ve been losing weight. I like the meal planning. It was a challenge and I actually enjoyed it. I liked eating whole, organic foods and now I get excited about going to the grocery store, figuring out what I'm going to buy, and what I'm gonna cook next.

I've been feeling very, very good.  You just can't imagine! This time last year, I was wheezing. You could stand beside me and hear me wheezing. It was a rough year, as far as my asthma was concerned. Now, I just barely even take my asthma medicine. I can count on one hand how much I've used it in the last four months. I love the way I feel now, plus I’m losing weight.  My whole demeanor and body language are different. I definitely feel like I'm a happier person.

The nutritionist and Dr. Dae are great to work with, both very friendly and easy to talk to. It's a great program. If you’re thinking about doing it, I would say take a chance on it! My colleague at work can tell how better I'm feeling. One colleague interestingly mentioned how they've all been sneezing, coughing and suffering from allergies. She peeked around my desk and said, "Oh my God, you don't have allergies anymore?" I said, "Not like that, not anymore. No more sneezing like that." It's a great feeling. I'm very happy and I would recommend the program to anyone. And believe me, if I can do it, anyone can do it!”


Testimonial: N. Spittle

“I am scheduled to I have a total knee replacement and that’s been quite the motivator to actually work with Dr. Dae. She and her team have helped me to learn a much more healthy approach to eating and life.

I had joined with Dr. Dae and her team because I was having weight that was just staying and also I was just kind of expanding in unusual places, like lower belly and hip drop that I just hadn’t seen in other family members and then I was really motivated to come in because I was needing a total knee replacement so I also had a total BMI target that I had to reach or I would not allowed to have the knee surgery.

Previously, I have worked with quite a few different programs. One was through a primary care doctor, where I was taking different classes and tracking weight. I attended a program with the Y. I’ve even done an online program, where it was a mixture of weight and well as proportioned meals. And each of those things just seemed like it either quite wasn’t enough or it was just so much it was sort of overwhelming. Dr. Dae’s approach sort of hit that Goldilocks like middle ground.

The great thing of working with Dr. Dae and her team is that I’ve had a lot of opportunities to do work on my own and watch the classes (online). I also get to attend classes and be a part of a community that’s working at that same time. After meal planning, I think most important for me is the one-on-one contact.

I think the best part of Dr. Dae's program is actually thinking about food as medicine itself and that, if you're having issues, what do you need to do is correct the issue rather than alleviate it or accommodate it. That little shift of thinking, plus having someone to consistently work with, has increased my understanding, my commitment and my success.

I'm sleeping a lot better and wake up a lot more positive.  Within these last four months, I was able to lose 25 pounds! It’s been an incredible investment and having six months of a consistent team to work with has been key. The weekly check in calls were critical to my success.  I would highly recommend Dr. Dae’s program to anyone!”


Testimonial: O. Akitobi

“Prior to coming here, I had so many issues. I had diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and then issues with my legs and back.

Dr. Dae’s practice has been amazing. I've never experienced anything like it before. It's focused on natural foods and lifestyle changes, and it's so easy to do. Since the first time I went to her seminar, I knew it was where I needed to be. I only wish I started earlier!

The best thing I found about working with Dr. Dae’s practice is the team effort to help me. I found that it takes a lot of people's encouragement to get healthy.  The friendliness of her team and encouragement they provide truly help you remember how to live well.

Her program has given me accountability and hope that indeed I will get well. And that gives me hope to be able to live long, to see my grandchildren go to school and excel and graduate.

Over time, while working with Dr. Dae and her team, I have succeeded in keeping my blood sugar regulated. It's amazing. I am just so grateful that I met someone who told me about this practice. So now, I am telling other people because I don't want to be selfish. If somebody is sick, I tell them I found help with my natural practice doctor. Dr. Dae has such a passion to help make people healthy.

There is no amount of money that you can spend that is more beneficial than that money that you invest in your overall health and well being. And this is it. This is a program that addresses your physical, mental and emotional health. The best thing I’ve experienced since working with Dr. Dae and her team is the weight loss. For years, I stayed at a plateau. My weight refused to come down. But, since I started paying attention to what and how I eat, I have lost about 10 pounds. And I'm very, very happy! Thanks to Dr. Dae and her team!”


Testimonial: D. Branch

“I wanted Dr. Dae's help because I was having trouble losing weight.  I could tell that my body wanted to lose weight but it was never quite getting there. So, I just started talking to her about what was going on and after a while, she says, “you know, I think that you are insulin resistant. In fact, I know you are. We will get the blood test, but I know that's what the answer is.” And the funny thing was, I knew that she was right too because it really explained what was going on with my body.

The big thing Dr. Dae did was explain what insulin resistance is and how it works. Knowledge is power, always, so knowing what was going on has enabled me to start making some changes.

Between the time Dr. Dae and I talked, and the time my lab results came back, I had already lost five pounds because I understood now what was happening.  But, it's a constant battle with food and traveling, and trying to manage it all. But, atleast now I understand what's going on with my body. I understand the ramifications of what I do, so I just feel that I'm better equipped to reach my goals.

Dr. Dae is high on my list. There's no doubt. There's nothing like somebody who has the answers. It's why great football coaches get paid a lot of money, because they know what they are doing, They know how to organize a team, they know the information they need to impart, they’re good because they know what they’re doing. And so I would say the same thing about Dr. Dae. She knows what's doing and there's no substitute for that.”


Testimonial: Nonnie

“Dr. Dae’s program changed my life. My first month of summer after freshman year at school proved challenging.  The shift from an extremely hectic schedule to no schedule at all was alarming. During my first month back at home, I felt lethargic and depressed. Finally, my mom literally dragged me out to a detoxification seminar being hosted by Dr. Daemon Jones. Initially, I was worried about starting Dr. Dae’s program. I have never been one who subscribed to the idea of weight loss programs. Plus, I was worried about investing my parents’ money; what if I couldn’t make the program work for me? However, after one discussion with Dr. Dae, my attitude changed drastically. She made my issues with my body and mind seem completely conquerable. The 28-day program Dr. Dae prescribed for me significantly changed the way I dealt with the stress in my life. For one month, forced to forego coffee and other unhealthy foods, and allowing my body to heal properly through proper diet, sleep, meditation and exercise, I immediately started to feel the weight of my own insecurity lifting from my shoulders. It felt amazing to have this support system behind me composed of not only my parents, but also Dr. Dae’s incredible team. Their check-ins kept me on track with my fitness goals and the meditations and eating plans gave a structure to my day that I did not realize that I needed.

After the program, I feel that I am still making progress. I still practice mindfulness and remain cognizant of the fuel I give my body. Additionally, I have finally figured out which foods, (namely dairy, eggs, and gluten), that I personally need to avoid at all costs.   

This year, I am living in an apartment rather than in a dorm, and it has made a tremendous difference. My roommates and I now have the luxury of grocery shopping for the proper foods, and I can cook meals in our own kitchen rather than rely on dorm fare. I am now able to make meals that are nutritious, delicious (and inspired by Dr. Dae’s healthy recipes and eating tips).

I now have clearer skin, a better sleeping schedule, and increased self-confidence. It is so nice to be in a place where having my picture taken no longer terrifies me. I could not have made this much progress in such a short amount of time without Dr. Dae.“


Testimonial: R. Fariq

“My blood sugars were up and down. They'd been spiking, mainly they were always high. Now, since working with Dr. Dae, my blood sugars are much more in control.

The great part about doing the program together is we bolster each other and remind each other. We plan the meals out together, so it's a lot of good things. We've been doing detox for about 30 days and my blood sugars are consistently on target. They haven't been extremely high for three weeks. I've lost a considerable amount of weight. Now, I have more energy, so there are very positive things happening all the way around for me. I think for both of us, really.”


Testimonial: J. Arnao

“For me, having out of control diabetes for so many years, I just needed to take control of my health.  This program has provided a better way to fully understand what's going on in my body. I just can't stop raving about the education that we've gotten and I feel like we're on the road towards our goals, both individually and together.

Doing this together, we have the ultimate buddy system. It really works well. Since starting, I too have had to adjust my insulin intake dramatically again. It's all good news and we're both moving forward.”


Testimonial: L. Bryan-Head

“I've been working with Dr. Dae and her team for about two months. I had been experiencing a lot of anxiety. I was dealing with breast cancer, so at the end of the day I was placed on medicine. But I felt like the medicine was more so to manage my illness, whereas I wanted to get healthy from the inside out. I knew that I needed more of a lifestyle change versus just something fast and quick. So, one day, I received an email from Dr. Dae talking about hormones and healthy eating. I came out to a free Stress Hormones and Health presentation and I've been working with them ever since.

In Dr. Dae’s practice, I don't feel like just a number. I actually feel like I'm a person. I feel like Dr. Dae and her team really care about me as an individual. I’ve never experienced coming into a doctors office where you actually get hugs. I look forward to my hugs! It’s just a very supportive environment. They are very patient and I feel like I'm part of a family. The best thing about the program for me is that it provides the opportunity for me to become healthier. I feel very confident in and I trust Dr. Dae and her team. I trust the different activities that I go through. I find myself now really starting to implement a lot of things that are becoming lifestyle changes, so I'm excited about it. My confidence level has built. I now look forward to a lot of things. I'm beginning to start to dream again.

For those considering an investment in their health, my advice is definitely take the time to take care of yourself. I know, especially us women, we usually take a lot of things away from ourselves because we are always giving and doing for other individuals. Being a mom, wife, grandmother, professional, business owner all at once, and then one day you get a diagnosis and everything is, "Ahh!" So at the end of the day, the investment is definitely worth it because you want to get ahead of anything before it changes to a disease. No one will take care of you better than you do yourself. So add your name to the list!”