Testimonial: D. Branch

“I wanted Dr. Dae's help because I was having trouble losing weight.  I could tell that my body wanted to lose weight but it was never quite getting there. So, I just started talking to her about what was going on and after a while, she says, “you know, I think that you are insulin resistant. In fact, I know you are. We will get the blood test, but I know that's what the answer is.” And the funny thing was, I knew that she was right too because it really explained what was going on with my body.

The big thing Dr. Dae did was explain what insulin resistance is and how it works. Knowledge is power, always, so knowing what was going on has enabled me to start making some changes.

Between the time Dr. Dae and I talked, and the time my lab results came back, I had already lost five pounds because I understood now what was happening.  But, it's a constant battle with food and traveling, and trying to manage it all. But, atleast now I understand what's going on with my body. I understand the ramifications of what I do, so I just feel that I'm better equipped to reach my goals.

Dr. Dae is high on my list. There's no doubt. There's nothing like somebody who has the answers. It's why great football coaches get paid a lot of money, because they know what they are doing, They know how to organize a team, they know the information they need to impart, they’re good because they know what they’re doing. And so I would say the same thing about Dr. Dae. She knows what's doing and there's no substitute for that.”