Testimonial: L. Bryan-Head

“I've been working with Dr. Dae and her team for about two months. I had been experiencing a lot of anxiety. I was dealing with breast cancer, so at the end of the day I was placed on medicine. But I felt like the medicine was more so to manage my illness, whereas I wanted to get healthy from the inside out. I knew that I needed more of a lifestyle change versus just something fast and quick. So, one day, I received an email from Dr. Dae talking about hormones and healthy eating. I came out to a free Stress Hormones and Health presentation and I've been working with them ever since.

In Dr. Dae’s practice, I don't feel like just a number. I actually feel like I'm a person. I feel like Dr. Dae and her team really care about me as an individual. I’ve never experienced coming into a doctors office where you actually get hugs. I look forward to my hugs! It’s just a very supportive environment. They are very patient and I feel like I'm part of a family. The best thing about the program for me is that it provides the opportunity for me to become healthier. I feel very confident in and I trust Dr. Dae and her team. I trust the different activities that I go through. I find myself now really starting to implement a lot of things that are becoming lifestyle changes, so I'm excited about it. My confidence level has built. I now look forward to a lot of things. I'm beginning to start to dream again.

For those considering an investment in their health, my advice is definitely take the time to take care of yourself. I know, especially us women, we usually take a lot of things away from ourselves because we are always giving and doing for other individuals. Being a mom, wife, grandmother, professional, business owner all at once, and then one day you get a diagnosis and everything is, "Ahh!" So at the end of the day, the investment is definitely worth it because you want to get ahead of anything before it changes to a disease. No one will take care of you better than you do yourself. So add your name to the list!”