Testimonial: L. Hudson

“When I began working with Dr. Dae, I was experiencing high blood pressure and was pre-diabetic. I found that Dr. Dae and her team were very professional and focused on my issues, and had several lifestyle change recommendations to offer.

Now, my diet has changed. I eat differently and am eating foods that will help me to have better health and be an overall healthier person. I've enjoyed being more disciplined and focused on the healthy foods that I now consume, and to be very methodic about what I put in my system.

I've been trying to lose weight for a long time, over five years. Because of Dr. Dae’s program, I've lost 12 pounds in one month. I've been trying to lose 20 pounds in 20 years and I never could achieve it! But now I can see I'll probably be able to achieve that goal in as little as two months.

I would recommend my friends and family to be a part of this program because I know first hand that it works. I feel healthier, more energetic and my outlook on life is much better because I know I can live a long, healthy life. Dr. Dae and her team are very serious about helping each individual accomplish their health goals. I highly recommend them and you can be assured that, if you follow the program the way they taught me, you will have the same great outcome or even better. They really teach you how to be disciplined about your food and your overall health, so I highly recommend this team.”