Testimonial: N. Spittle

“I am scheduled to I have a total knee replacement and that’s been quite the motivator to actually work with Dr. Dae. She and her team have helped me to learn a much more healthy approach to eating and life.

I had joined with Dr. Dae and her team because I was having weight that was just staying and also I was just kind of expanding in unusual places, like lower belly and hip drop that I just hadn’t seen in other family members and then I was really motivated to come in because I was needing a total knee replacement so I also had a total BMI target that I had to reach or I would not allowed to have the knee surgery.

Previously, I have worked with quite a few different programs. One was through a primary care doctor, where I was taking different classes and tracking weight. I attended a program with the Y. I’ve even done an online program, where it was a mixture of weight and well as proportioned meals. And each of those things just seemed like it either quite wasn’t enough or it was just so much it was sort of overwhelming. Dr. Dae’s approach sort of hit that Goldilocks like middle ground.

The great thing of working with Dr. Dae and her team is that I’ve had a lot of opportunities to do work on my own and watch the classes (online). I also get to attend classes and be a part of a community that’s working at that same time. After meal planning, I think most important for me is the one-on-one contact.

I think the best part of Dr. Dae's program is actually thinking about food as medicine itself and that, if you're having issues, what do you need to do is correct the issue rather than alleviate it or accommodate it. That little shift of thinking, plus having someone to consistently work with, has increased my understanding, my commitment and my success.

I'm sleeping a lot better and wake up a lot more positive.  Within these last four months, I was able to lose 25 pounds! It’s been an incredible investment and having six months of a consistent team to work with has been key. The weekly check in calls were critical to my success.  I would highly recommend Dr. Dae’s program to anyone!”