Testimonial: S. Walker

“I was extremely overweight and having asthma and high blood pressure issues. I wanted to see if losing weight would help address those things.  I’d tried LA Fitness and Weight Watchers, even worked with a personal trainer. I've done several things. Finally, after joining Dr. Dae’s program, I’ve been losing weight. I like the meal planning. It was a challenge and I actually enjoyed it. I liked eating whole, organic foods and now I get excited about going to the grocery store, figuring out what I'm going to buy, and what I'm gonna cook next.

I've been feeling very, very good.  You just can't imagine! This time last year, I was wheezing. You could stand beside me and hear me wheezing. It was a rough year, as far as my asthma was concerned. Now, I just barely even take my asthma medicine. I can count on one hand how much I've used it in the last four months. I love the way I feel now, plus I’m losing weight.  My whole demeanor and body language are different. I definitely feel like I'm a happier person.

The nutritionist and Dr. Dae are great to work with, both very friendly and easy to talk to. It's a great program. If you’re thinking about doing it, I would say take a chance on it! My colleague at work can tell how better I'm feeling. One colleague interestingly mentioned how they've all been sneezing, coughing and suffering from allergies. She peeked around my desk and said, "Oh my God, you don't have allergies anymore?" I said, "Not like that, not anymore. No more sneezing like that." It's a great feeling. I'm very happy and I would recommend the program to anyone. And believe me, if I can do it, anyone can do it!”