Testimonial: T. Gilchrist

“I’ve been working with Dr. Dae in two phases. Back about 10 years ago she helped me with something, so when I had something else to pop up within the last year, I ran back.  Ten years ago, they had diagnosed me with multiple sclerosis, and I just wasn't ready to deal with that. I wasn't believing it. So Dr. Dae did blood work and found out that I had too much lead in my blood, and we worked on that. And that was the end of it… I don't have multiple sclerosis.

Then recently, it was arthritis in my knee. My other doctor was talking about giving me shots and a knee replacement surgery, and I just wasn't feeling that. So I ran back to Dr. Dae.

Now I'm dancing!  My arthritis is not... it did not run my life. I'm running my life. And that's the goal.

The best thing about working with Dr. Dae is not having the pain. And I know that it's a healthy choice for my body.  I feel better, because I'm eating better. I recommend this program because one, it works. Two, from a theological perspective, I see things as God gives us a time that we're created, and God gives us a time when it's time to go home. And what's in between is our time to take care of that vessel. And so that's why I'm motivated, because I have to do my part. Faith without works is dead, and this time in between is my faith, and working.

Yes. I want to encourage, and there's always a way, when we have to things to deal with. Whether it's physically, mentally, it's always a way out. And working with Dr. Day is one of my ways. I think she is a God-sent woman.”