Have you stopped to say thank you to your body for all the ways that it works correctly and seamlessly? Today is the day you get to be grateful for the things ARE working in your body!

As a doctor, it is part of my job to hear about the problems that our body is experiencing. It is easy to focus on the aches and pains when they arise but do you stop to think about all the things that are working in your body today?

I have a friend that works in a hospital and whenever I went to see him I would notice all the people in the halls that were hooked up to tubes, or missing limbs or in wheelchairs and it would bring my excellent health to the forefront of my mind. I feel so blessed that I can see and walk and breath without needed aid from another or a machine. It gives me so much to be grateful for that my body works all of the time.

Gratitude Activity for the Day – Grateful for Your Working Body

For today’s gratitude, I have created a body scan meditation for you. The mediation gives you the opportunity to say thank you to every part of your body that works! Sit in a comfortable position and begin to breathe deeply in and out. Start at the top of your head and say thank you to every part of your body for doing it's job.

Enjoy Your One Sweet Life,
Dr. Dae