Consider for a moment how you life would be transformed if you could take your relaxing present moment attitude from vacation and allow it to become your everyday thinking. If you were relaxed and looking forward to an event happening each day you, it would improve the quality of your life and the quality of your health. If you gave yourself an intermission on a regular basis from any negative thoughts or feelings that you carry around in your mind and body, certainly your stress level would be reduced, and that alone could improve the quality of your life. In those moments when your life seems to overwhelm you with details, stop, close your eyes and remember how you think and feel during vacation. Take 30 seconds or a minute to really remember how you would handle a situation if you were in a relaxed state. It may surprise you to come up with a different assessment and plan for the event. Using this practice on a more regular basis may just change the way you think on a more permanent basis. Vacations can be powerful tools for transformation even when you never leave your seat.


Vacation in the Mind Centering Questions


Where is your favorite place to travel to in the world?



Do you give yourself permission to day dream each day?



What would happen if you gave yourself permission to day dream about vacation time every day?



Any other thoughts to ponder?