Today we will do a different type of breathing exercise.  We will do walking meditation around the room.  In this exercise we will be walking around the room instead of sitting or laying down. 


If you have the opportunity to do this exercise outside, please do.  It is a great experience if you can take a few minutes outside.

You will be taking small steps - baby steps.  You will be taking slow steps. Steps that are at pace with your breathing.  As you breath in you will talk a small step forward with your right foot as you breath out you will talk a step with your left foot. If you are in a small space talk small steps.  If you are in a large space you can take larger steps.  Continue to focus on your breathing with each step. 

Walking Meditation Centering Questions

What was the experience of the walking meditation like for you?

Did you remember to walk and breath at the same time?

How was the walking meditation different than the seating breathing exercising?

Any other thoughts to ponder?