Today's exercise will focus on looking at the whole picture of health.  When you think about health what do you think about?  your physical health, or perhaps you include mental health too. 

When I think about whole health I include physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.  So when you focus on detoxification it can be in any and all of those areas.  Physically you can cleanse your body or your can cleanse your environment. Emotionally you can cleanse your attitude or you can create time in your schedule to play.  Whole health means looking at all areas of your life and deciding to detoxify any area that is causing you to lose energy or excitement for your life!

Breathing is detoxifying for your mind and your body.

We will have a centering exercise that consists of 5 minutes of relaxation breathing and 10 minutes of reflective writing. 

Day 4 Whole Health Centering Questions


What is one thing you do today/this week/month that you consider healthy and detoxifying for your body/life/mind?


What is one thing you do NOT wish to do this day/week/month that you've been trying not to do for a long long time?


What is one thing you have done in the last 90 days that you are really well pleased for yourself that you did to get healthier?