How Do You Live Your One Sweet Life?

During my time on this wondrous thing called planet earth, I have learned that a sweet life is made of sweet moments; moments where we savor the goodness, happiness, the joy and gifts that life has to offer us.  The more that we can find these sweet moments in our everyday lives the sweeter our lives becomes. 

Jean Paul Sartre, philosopher, writer and Nobel peace prize winner said, "Everything has been figured out except how to live."

 For me, to live a sweet life is to commit to looking for and finding those sweet moments in each and every day no matter what is happening around me.

Here is what I know is true:  having a sweet life is easy on the great days; holidays, birthdays and days when things are running smoothly, you know, the days when the sun is shining and you find a five-dollar bill in your back pocket. The Sweet life is not so easy on the tough days when it feels like the world is overwhelmingly hard and unrelenting, when it seems that failure is the only thing you are good at.  These are the days when finding those sweet moments is hard but they are precisely the days when finding the sweet moments is so crucial.

I am dedicating this year (and every year hereafter) to figuring out the secrets of finding our one sweet life. Come along with me on my journey to find the sweet moments in every day.  Discover your own sweet moments and your own sweet life along the way. 

I guarantee you it will be an adventure that will be more fulfilling than you can ever imagine.

Join me on the journey to reveal Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae