Wrong direction, right scenery

Do you ever use the GPS system when you are driving around neighborhoods you know?  Do you ever get annoyed when it tries to take you a new way when you know your old way is better?  Why do we do that to ourselves?

Well, I turned on my GPS then started getting irritated when it wanted to take me a different way but something inside of me said either turn it off or go with it and try a different way! What a concept! I was not in a rush so I took the way the GPS showed me.  Guess what?! I liked that new way better.

It took me through the park  (that’s Rock Creek Park for people not from DC).  Of course I was only in the park for 2 minutes but it was two scenic minutes that I have been missing for months.

So surrendering to a new way of doing things gave me extra joy and brought a truly sweet moment.  Sometimes instead of being annoyed and holding onto old ways, we should be willing to try a new direction.  It can really pay off.

And by the way, I got there 2 minutes faster.

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae