Falling off Balance is a Gift


One of the things that I look for in my yoga classes is an instructor that incorporates spiritual teachings as well as the asanas (physical poses) in their classes. Today in class my instructor, Neva Igalls, made a comment that I thought is so relevant to life.  As we were working on a pose in which we were standing on one leg.

She said, "the only way to maintain balance is to fall off balance sometimes"

I thought it was such a profound statement. We don’t truly learn how to be balanced in our life until we are knocked off balance and have to get balanced again.  This happens all the time.  Let me give you an example that has perhaps happened to you.  Have you ever successfully started a new dietary plan and then you hit an obstacle?  If you are able to get back onto your plan, then that means you have a balanced plan.  If you falter and cannot get back, then you were probably not balanced in your plan in the first place.

Not many people actually like to be off balance or fall down.  However, falling off balance is one of the best way to see if we have created a sound plan in the first place.

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae