Beauty Parlor Friendships

When I was 15 years old, one of my friends from high school introduced me to her hairdresser. Any woman who has had a bad haircut or perm knows the value of a trusted hairdresser!  Even greater than having an awesome hairdresser is the ritual of going to the hairdresser with my friend.  We have shared lunches, laughter, tears, and plenty of style over in that salon. I have followed her to different locations and salons.

30 years later I still go to see the same women to do my hair.  So does my friend. We might have started going as teenagers but every time my friend is in town we still go to meet there to get our hair done. For me, true friendships have blossomed in the simple everyday habits of life. Even though our problems may be more complicated, the way we solve them is still the same, talking under the hairdryer.  These visits are so special because they give us time to connect in beautiful, girly and fun ways.

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae

Daemon JonesComment