Champions come in all shapes and colors. It is their courage that earns them the title champion.

As each persons’ name is called you can see the pride on their face as they go up and get they medal.  Some are tall and thin others short and chubby.  Every color of the rainbow.  These are the 2016 champions of the Capital Area American Diabetes Associations calling their fundraisers and volunteers champions.  As I watched them getting recognized, they all looked like champions to me. 

I am a technically a champion too since I have been volunteering for the ADA for the last 4 years too.  The difference is that I don’t have diabetes.  Many of the champions are diabetics or their lives have been totally changed by the disease of diabetes. 

So as they are recognized for their contributions in raising money for diabetes research there is a pride that you can see in their faces and the way they carry themselves. It is a beautiful thing to witness.  They are finding ways to be part of the solution to a problem that has changed their life.

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae

Daemon JonesComment