Yoga is the way

This morning I got the most surprising text message from my brother:  he asked me about yoga! 

Growing up, my brother and I were always jocks.  We loved sports. We have always been involved with sports every season.  It was a shared interest and one of the ways we bonded.

18 years ago I started practicing yoga.  It has become one of my passions.  I love doing it for the physical challenge but I also love the spiritual grounding it gives me.  I have often joked with my brother about how yoga is essential for championship mentality and physical strength, citing the Chicago Bulls 3 peat (between 1991-1998).  The Chicago Bulls coach, Phil Jackson, required that the team practice yoga as part of their workout regime.

Anyway, my brother never seemed to show any interest in trying yoga himself.  But today I got a text saying that he went to a yoga class and he was asking questions about how yoga influences mental states like irritation.  He said he needed to do more yoga in the future. 

I was so happy!  I love sharing things that help me with the people I love.  Yoga has helped me to be more focused, calm and physically toned.  I never push things I love on people so it is always a gift when they come to it on their own. 

I know that just because he sent me one text doesn’t mean he will become a yogi like me but three years ago he wasn’t planning to become vegan either - and now he is!

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae

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