Sharing meals with a friend during a silent retreat

Sharing a meal is one of my greatest pleasures.  Eating with someone else is always more fun than eating alone.  I seem to find many different ways to find share meals with people that I love.  Today I participated in a one-day silent retreat.  There was one hour for lunch but they recommended that we bring lunch so we could have time to reflect on the morning without going out into the busy world.

I contacted one of my good friends who was also attending the retreat to see if she wanted to share a meal.  I love meal sharing.  We each bring part of the meal and share.  It makes for twice as much yum and half the work.

I brought black beans and she brought salad greens and brown rice.  Each of us made one thing but all of a sudden we had a wonderful meal, with more than enough to share (which we did with other participants).  She even surprised me with fresh mango for dessert. Delish!

I recommend meal sharing for co-workers and friends.  It is a way to eat healthy and share new ideas about food.  It is really fun too!  Community makes healthy eating fun!

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae

Daemon JonesComment