Young people can be so insightful

 Volunteering in my community has always been important to me.  It allows me to feel that I am giving back to organizations and communities that have helped to shape who I have become. As part of my volunteer work, I have got involved with my alumni association by helping the undergraduate admissions office interview high school seniors who are interested in attending my alma mater. 

During the month of January, I interview students that are applying to Northwestern.  It has been one of my favorite ways of giving back.  Over the years I have interviewed so many interesting and innovative young people.  It is amazing to see how they are using technology as part of their high school projects and volunteer activities. 

It is also inspiring, a great reminder that young people can have fresh ideas about how to revolutionize ways of thinking.  Looking at new ways to share information is always a sweet moment in my book.

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae

Daemon JonesComment