Magic socks, magic healing!

I don't like being sick. I am usually of the mindset that I just have too much to do to be sick, even for a couple of days. So because of that I have learned to notice when my throat gets scratchy because I know I'm on my way to getting taken down by a cold or flu.

So I have learned when I am getting sick to treat myself with love and care. I've found naturopathic treatments that make me feel good while I'm doing them and really make me feel better in the morning.

With that knowledge, I decided to combat my cold with one of my favorite treatments, a hot bath followed by magic socks. These are simple non-medication treatments that heal my whole body.

My sweet moment came from knowing and believing that my medicine really does heal my body.

PS I did feel better in the morning!

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae

Tweetable: I love using natural medicine treatments to heal my whole body.  So easy and so fun!