The pie I thought I could never have again

When I was a child I LOVED lemon Meringue pie!  My favorite part was the whole pie..ha ha.  My favorite part was the meringue.  It is traditionally made with egg whites so as vegan dish this is out of the question.

Miracles never cease and a few weeks ago my mother found the coolest thing ever - meringue made out of the liquid found in the can of chickpeas.  It is called aquafaba.  I was so intrigued that I had to make the meringue.

Since this is my first time making a vegan meringue pie I had to get help from a few more well-versed chefs.  I ended up combining 2 different recipes to make this pie.  It was so fun!

Some of the sweetest moments of my life are cooking and baking healthy recipes.  I love good food and I love finding great recipes.

I have including the links to the recipes in case you want to try it!

To Your One Sweet LIfe,

Dr. Dae

lemon meringue pie.png

The Filling

To make the filling I used Vegan Lemon Meringue Pie from  It is made with silken tofu so there is protein to help cut the sugar.  I have actually reduced the amount of sugar and it still tasted so good and tangy!

Once the mixture was done I poured it into the crust and let it set for overnight.  The next day I added the meringue before serving.

For the crust

I used a store bought gluten-free graham cracker crust.


For the Meringue

  • liquid brine from the can of chickpea brine (aquafaba)
  • 1/2 cup vegan cane sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 teaspoon of cream of tartar

Place the brine vanilla and cream of tartar in the bowl of a standing mixer and start the mixer. 

Slowly add the sugar in a standing mixer and mix for 10 -15 minutes until stiff peaks appear.

Once it was done I gently covered the filling and then I put it in the oven on broil for about 2-4 minutes until everything was done!   Very simple super good!

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae



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