Do you Ever Feel Like A Fraud

If I’m honest, sometimes I wrongly think I’m a fraud

Today I'm sharing one of my deepest fears to be exposed as a fraud, a pretender, someone I am not. Have you ever felt that way about part of yourself?

Sometimes I feel that way when I write. I have put on this hat a couple of times a week for the last 14 years. I sit down and pour out my thoughts on paper or computers screen to help others live healthier lives.

I say I'm a fraud because I'm dyslexic and my grammar is terrible. I'm self-conscious about each and every post I write.  If it weren't for friends and family reviewing my work it would probably be a disaster. Writing is a place where I feel vulnerable and insecure.

So why do I torture myself on a weekly basis to write posts, newsletters, articles and 2 books? It’s simple; I have something to say. I have knowledge and advice that has helped people improve their health and live more energetic lives.

This whole writing thing started by accident. 12 years ago I decide to write a cookbook for my patients as a reference guide for them to improve their diets. It was the simplest way to disseminate healthy recipes to them. My friends and family purchased copies too. Boom - all of a sudden I was being labeled an author.  The title stuck and I was being asked to write health articles for websites and magazines. I started living a double life being called a writer - even though I wasn't one.

2 books and over 500 articles later, I still get self-conscious as I sit to write. The difference is that life experience has taught me that I'm am expert at what I do. I have to get over my insecurities to help others. My working with people improves the quality of their lives. I know that and I’m so grateful for it.

I have been given a gift, the gift of sharing important information in a simple way.  I have been put on this planet to share my gift even when it makes me uncomfortable.  So forgive the typos and please keep reading and supporting me by getting the word out!

To Your One Sweet Life,

Dr. Dae

Tweetable: We have been put on this plant to share our gifts even when it makes us uncomfortable.  So get to it!


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